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Inka Belle provide a range of semi-permanent cosmetic treatments, based from our shared salon in Meadow Rise, Billericay.

We also provide friendly advice, both online and by consultation and are dedicated to helping you look your best 24/7.

Kierra Cheyne, owner and founder of Inka Belle, is a fully qualified and well experienced semi-permanent cosmetic technician, trained to the highest standard with Finishing Touches.

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Ensure your technician has fully trained with a reputable company; permanent make up is a skilled trade and requires in depth training.

The treatment has and continues to evolve hugely due to its demand, therefore you want to ensure your technician is up to date with their training and knowledge of the industry.

Also, make sure you see before and after pictures as each technician will differ in style. Technicians often offer their own artistic flair so it is essential that you like the look of their (particularly healed) work.

Finally, read reviews and recommendations. What clients say speaks volumes about a technician and will give you a better understanding of their reputation and client satisfaction.

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