Before undergoing any semi-permanent cosmetic treatment, always ensure your technician has:


The technician should have an excellent standard of hygiene and a strict process for sterilisation.

We use medical grade sterile packs for every single treatment and we operate a fully disposable process (we throw away everything used after each treatment).


Ensure your technician has fully trained with a reputable company; permanent make up is a skilled trade and requires in depth training.

The treatment has and continues to evolve hugely due to its demand, therefore you want to ensure your technician is up to date with their training and knowledge of the industry.

Also, make sure you see before and after pictures as each technician will differ in style. Technicians often offer their own artistic flair so it is essential that you like the look of their (particularly healed) work.

Finally, read reviews and recommendations. What clients say speaks volumes about a technician and will give you a better understanding of their reputation and client satisfaction.


Competition is at an all-time high due to the ever-popular demand for treatments.

Product cost and the essential overheads in this business are costly. If a technician seems too cheap, you need to question how they can afford to be or why they may be offering a discounted price.

For the high-range prices, remember you are paying for the technician's knowledge, expertise, design flair and hygienic standards. This is a big investment as it is for your face, so choosing a technician should never be based on price alone.